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“The best coffee you’ll have today…”


Coffee always tastes better with cake…


All our food is made to order by our trained culinary team…


We’re also licensed to sell bottled beers and wines…

About the coffee...

We use our own sneaky blend of 3 different arabica and robusta coffee beans, ethically sourced from India, Brazil & Peru, to create an outstanding espresso – then our Baristas work their magic to prepare the best coffee you’ll have today..

We use whole milk in all our coffees, just ‘cos we believe it’s the best flavour!

If, like our co-founder Mat, you prefer alternatives, we have semi, skinny, soya or oat milk available at no extra cost – please let us know when you order…


ESPRESSO – £1.75/£2.10 – short with an intense flavour
MACCHIATO – £2/£2.50
We add a dome of frothed milk to a short espresso
ESPRESSO con PANNA – £2.20/£2.60
A short espresso topped with a dome of whipped cream
CAPPUCCINO – £2.35/£2.80/£3 Espresso topped with frothed milk and chocolate dust
MELLOW MAT – £2.90
Named after Stray’s co-founder, this is a strong latte, served in an 8oz cup, made with two espresso shots – according to Mat, it’s the best drink we make! Similar to what other coffee establishments call a ‘Flat White’.
ROCKET RON – £3.30
Named after one of our first ever customers, we pour a small layer of foamed milk into a triple espresso in a 12 oz cup.
CAFFE LATTE – £2.35/ £2.80/£3
CAFFE MOCHA – £2.50/£2.90/£3.30
Caffe latte with a shot of Routin™ mocha sauce.

NUTTY ‘NORAH’ LATTE – £3.10/£3.50 Coconut, Almond & Hazelnut
BANOFFEE LATTE– £3.10/£3.50 – Caramel & Banana
BLACK FOREST MOCHA – £3.25/£3.75 – Mocha with a shot of black cherry syrup.
BAKEWELL LATTE – £3.10/£3.50 Raspberry and Almond.
– £3.25/£3.75 – Mocha with shots of strawberry and vanilla syrup

ICED LATTE – £2.95
Milk poured over ice. We then drizzle a shot of espresso over it and serve in a frozen glass – add your favourite syrup for 30p

AMERICANO – £2.30 (1 shot) /£2.60 (double) /£2.90 (triple!)
Freshly drawn hot water with shots of espresso added.
FILTER COFFEE – £1.95/£2.30/£2.60
KIDDICCINO – Baby 75p/Grown up £1 // Cappuccino without the coffee – for the kids!!


CHOC ROYALE – £2.35/£2.70/£2.95 – hot chocolate made using steamed milk , not hot water!
MONSTER CHOC* – £4.95 Choc Royale with Marshmallows, Maltesers™ and whipped cream – almost a meal in itself!!
* subject to availability

We don't just make coffee...

Try our Red Box Organic Teas. Loose leaf organic teas in compostable pyramids…


Red Box have been awarded Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards for their organic teas and infusion

Choose from: Blue Flower Earl Grey ; Gunpowder Green Leaf; Elegant Breakfast; Hibiscus, Rose & Apple Infusion; Lemongrass & Ginger Infusion; Peppermint Leaf Infusion or Red Berry Infusion.

£2.40 per person/pot

We like cake. There, we said it...

And how annoying is it to pay good money, for tightwad portions of average cake? 

You can’t beat a great big slab of cake with your favourite coffee or tea. Made with fresh ingredients and no added nasties, Mum’s cakes are a throwback to days gone by.

Mum’s cakes are made in our own pastry kitchens at Newark, headed up by executive chef Warren Jones. Originally made by Mat & Liz’s mum, they’re based on her own recipes, which have been fine tuned and tweaked by Warren and his team into the cakes you see today.


Here’s a selection of the cakes we have on offer over the week. We bake in small batches, which means different cakes are c coming in to the chiller every day.


FRIDGE BISCUIT – Raisins, syrup, Digestive biscuits, syrup, glace cherries, did we mention the syrup? Mixed with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and then generously coated with it too – not for the faint-hearted! – £3.10 per slice
MILLIONAIRE SLICE – Traditional shortbread, covered in home-made caramel and covered in milk chocolate – £3.10
MARS RICE KRISPIE SLICE – Melted Mars bars and Rice Krispies, set with a milk chocolate topping! – £2.90
COCONUT, LEMON & BLUEBERRY SLICE – with lemon curd and fresh lemon juice – £3.10
PLUM & GINGER SLICE – moist, gooey sponge with real plums and stem ginger – £2.90
MUM’S FLAPJACK –  a soft, slightly crumbly flapjack made using oats – £2.80




BAKED CHEESECAKE – various flavours – £3.40
INDIVIDUAL LEMON MERINGUES – Italian style, individual meringues, – £3.25
PECAN TART – made with real pecans and lots of lurve – £3.20
BUTTERSCOTCH TART – made with homemade butterscotch topping on a ginger biscuit base – a real throwback to the best bit about school dinners! – £3.20


Our allergen specific treats are marked in store as such and we handle these products in accordance with strict policies. We currently make Gluten Free and/or Dairy Free treats and use separate utensils and chopping boards for serving these to you. If you have any questions about these cakes, please ask before ordering.

WHITE CHOCOLATE BLONDIE (GF) – a bit like a brownie, but made with white chocolate! £2.90

Daytime Menu


If you have any allergies, please let us know before placing an order.

We have a full list of the 14 legally identifiable allergens in all the foods we offer, so please check the list before ordering.

Please be aware that our recipes do change from time to time, so even if you have ordered something before, always let us know any allergy requirements.

Please also be aware that as lots of different foods are made in the same kitchen, we cannot guarantee that any of our dishes are 100% free of any allergen.


Once you’ve decided on lunch, you order at the counter.

If you forget by the time you get there, don’t worry, we have another menu on the wall at the counter to remind you! We definitely recommend having a second option, just in case we’re sold out of your first choice.

TOASTED TEACAKE – with jam and butter – £2.75
BAGEL – with either jam, Marmite or cream cheese and butter – £2.95
FRUIT SCONE – with jam & butter – £2.95
CHEESE SCONE – with cream cheese and butter – £2.95
SKINS – Twice fried potato skins, with melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and sweet chilli sauce – side £1.95 // full £3.95

Breakfast at Stray’s

available ‘til 11:00am
The price of your breakfast includes a complimentary pot of tea, or regular cup of filter coffee per person (before 11am)

Garlic Mushrooms – Button mushrooms with garlic & chives on granary toast – £3.95
Bacon Bap – £3.95  //  Sausage Bap – £3.95  //  Bacon & Sausage Bap – £4.50

Bagel with smoked salmon & Philadelphia soft cheese – £5.95
Bagel with smoked salmon & scrambled egg – £6.95
Bagel with scrambled eggs & crispy bacon – £6.50

Stray’s Full English – Sausage, bacon, sautéed potatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and fried, poached or scrambled egg with a slice of toast – £8.50


STRAY’S BURGER – a fresh beef & pork mince burger made on-site, served on a soft bun with alioli, cheese and caramelised red onions. Served with our twice-fried chunky chips, homemade coleslaw & side salad – £8.95
Add bacon or Stilton for an extra £1 each
CHICKEN BURGER – Fried chicken tenders in breadcrumbs, on a soft white roll with coriander mayo, cos lettuce and sliced tomato. Served with homemade coleslaw, twice fried chunky chips and fresh mixed salad – £8.50
SAUSAGE, CHIPS & BEANS – Locally-sourced butchers sausages, home-made chunky chips and baked beans – £6.95
‘POSH’ CHEESE ON TOAST – made with soft cheese, cheddar, chives and a few secret ingredients, toasted on a side of bocatta – Served with a Stray’s side salad – £5.95
NACHOS! – with home-made beef chili, jalapeno’s, cheddar cheese and sweet chili sauce – £6.95
SCAMPI – with twice-fried chunky chips, side salad and homemade tartar sauce. – £7.95
MISSISSIPPI CHICKEN – Chicken breast in Southern-style coating, served with tatties, side salad and dips – £7.95
THE ‘DADDY’ – An open sandwich of egg mayo, tomato, bacon, lettuce, chicken breast and cheddar on toasted bocatta, served with a salad and creamy home-made coleslaw – £7.95

MATURE CHEDDAR with tomato OR pickle OR red onion OR apple chutney – £4.25
MATURE CHEDDAR with salad OR coleslaw – £4.50
BRIE & cranberry – £5.25

EGG MAYO made with free range eggs – £4.65
EGG MAYO with bacon – £5.50

HOME COOKED HAM on it’s own – £4.50
HAM with cream cheese and tomato – £4.95
HAM with tomato, pickle OR wholegrain mustard – £4.70
HAM with green salad & tomato – £4.95
HAM with home-made coleslaw – £4.95

B.L.T. Butchers bacon with lettuce & tomato – £5.50

SLIGHTLY PINK ROAST BEEF with horseradish – £4.95
BEEF with rocket and wholegrain mustard mayo – £5.95
BEEF & STILTON with rocket & wholegrain mustard mayo – £6.25
BEEF with cheddar, red onion marmalade and Dijon – £5.95

CHICKEN with green salad and tomato – £5.25
CORONATION CHICKEN with home-made coronation sauce – £5.95
SPICY CHICKEN with sweet chili sauce, roasted peppers & coriander mayo – £5.95
CHICKEN CAESAR  chicken with lettuce, parmesan and our Caesar sauce – £5.95
C.B.M.  Chicken mayo with bacon – £5.95

PRAWNS in Lemon Mayo or Marie Rose sauce – £5.75
PRAWN MAYO / MARIE ROSE with avocado – £6.50
PRAWN MAYO / MARIE ROSE with green leaves – £5.95

TUNA MAYO made with pan-fried tuna and pasteurised mayonnaise – £5.75
TUNA MAYO with green leaves and/or cucumber – £5.95
TUNA MAYO with cheddar and tomato – £6.25
JUST JAN  tuna mayo with red onion marmalade & rocket – £6.50

SMOKED SALMON with cream cheese, lemon & black pepper – £6.25
SMOKED SALMON with avocado, & basil mayo – £6.50

Notes: We bake bacon for sandwiches in the morning, cool it and then store it chilled (food hygiene, in case you’re asking).  If you prefer hot bacon in your sandwich, just let us know when you order.

Stray’s Salads

Our house salads are made using fresh lettuces, washed and prepped every morning – we never used pre-packed salad ingredients – you can buy that anywhere. Likewise, fresh, locally sourced tomatoes, cucumber and home-made croutons…

HOUSE SALAD – with cos & iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chicken, bacon, croutons, parmesan and honey & mustard dressing – £7.95
CHICKEN CAESAR – with cos & iceberg lettuce, chicken, Caesar dressing (contains anchovies), shaved parmesan & croutons – £7.50
STRAY’S GREEK SALAD – with cos & iceberg lettuce, feta cheese, olives, med’ veg, red onion, cucumber, tomato and our own lemon dressing – £7.50
PRAWN COCKTAIL – with cos & iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, lemon, sweetcorn and cress. Served with brown bread & butter – £7.50
SMOKED SALMON & PRAWN MAYO – with cos & iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, lemon, sweetcorn, cress and our own lemon & dill mayo – £7.95

If you prefer to ‘make your own’, choose any of the sandwiches on our menu and upgrade them to a salad– just add £2 to the sandwich price, or style your own and we’ll price accordingly…

Jacket Potatoes

OK, so the humble jacket isn’t exactly re-inventing the culinary wheel – but it’s a bit like a cuppa – simple, but so much better when someone else makes it for you!

BASIC JACKET POTATO (with butter and side salad) – £4.95
with Stray’s home-made beef chilli & cheese – £6.95
Jacket with cheddar & beans – £5.95
Jacket with prawn mayo/marie rose – £7.95
Jacket with fresh tuna mayo – £7.75
Jacket with coronation chicken – £7.95

MAKE YOUR OWN – Choose any of the sandwiches on our menu and upgrade them to a jacket – just add £2 to the sandwich price.

daytime menu

Here’s a copy of our actual daytime menu, as you’ll see it in our shops. If you want to see it full screen, just click the full screen icon at the bottom of the viewer. To come back, just hit ‘escape’…

Made-to-Order Sandwiches

We prepare our fillings every day, using locally-sourced produce wherever possible. All you need to do, is decide whether you want them, in a sandwich, salad or jacket potato…

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